Sharon is an accredited member of IMDT – institute of modern dog trainers, the only one in Fermanagh. 

We believe in only positive reinforcement, happy dog, happy life.

Day Care

Our Day Care was set up to help owners enjoy the time they were out or not worried while they were at work, knowing their dogs was having the best time with their friends and cuddles with the Home from Home team.

Dog Training

Any issues, any breeds, any age, whether its basic obedience, some control and management issues, or behavioural issues, we deal with them all.
Group Classes / One 2 One's / Online private meetings

Our Business Hours

Mon - Fri: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday: Appointment only
Sunday: Closed
Please note - We are currently running a restricted service due to Covid19. Please call or email for more information

Years Of Experience

Dedicated Handlers

2050 ft² Day Care Space

% Happy Pets

Small Dog Room

We keep big dogs separate from small dogs to ensure that there are no accidents when playing, it is not an equal science as some small dogs have huge personalities and some big dogs have smaller energy levels, so everyday we weigh up who goes where.

Big Dog Room

In the big dog room it gives our big beautiful pups more room for running around, more room for throwing balls, agility skills and training room, we can cater for about 10 big dogs in this room at any one time.

Shy dog / 1st week section

This area we keep for shy dogs, or dogs that have just come in, we like to assess them for the first day, so we can work out which room they can go into, and its an area we can keep a very close eye on.

For your peace of mind

You can go out for the day, or to work knowing that your dog was happy to come in, they are going to have an amazing time, and they will be tired when they come home, all under the supervision of our dedicated staff.

Individualized care

If your dog has special needs, you can trust us to give your beloved pet the care and attention it needs. 

Joyful and fun Day care

From the minute your dog steps through the door, your dog is greeted like a family member, your dog will be socially supervised to ensure they make the best of friends with other dogs when they come in, they are mentally and physically stimulated, they are walked, they are loved and cuddled, but most importantly they go home happy.

Where to find us:

Unit 2 Tempo Business Park, Tempo road, Enniskillen, BT746HR